John Fred William Riepe & Anna Wilhelmina [Luetger] Riepe Joseph Creighton Riepe, Sr. Bertha Fredericka [Riepe] Lord Ruby Fern Riepe & Otis Wendell Riepe Sophia [Peine] Riepe Josephine Catherine [Riepe] Ernst  

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Old German Handwriting (on site link)

Old German Handwriting
- a great tool for helping to decipher old German handwriting on family documents


German-English Dictionary  (off site link)

German - English Dictionary - a nice and easy to use site for translating German to English


Text-to-Speech Synthesis  (off site link)

  Interactive Multi-Lingual Demo - Text-to-Speech Synthesis - a NEAT site by AT&T Labs Research. Allows you to type words, phrases, sentences, etc. in various languages - the program will then read the text and speak to you in the chosen language.  Various male and female voices are also available. 

Try typing in RIEPE and hear how it is pronounced in German!!!! 


Inflation Calculator  (off site link)

Inflation Calculator - a fun tool! Type in your ancestor's worth in $ and see how much those $ would be worth today!


Relationship Chart (on site link)

Relationship Chart
- another nice tool to help determine relationships between distant relatives.  Example provided.


German Cities/Towns/Municipalities (off site link)

List of German Cities/Towns/Municipalities including their Counties, Administrative Districts and Länder
- super site for locating areas in Germany



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