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Ely, White Pine Co., NV

After the Civil War, miners prospected in the hills around Ely, White Pine Co., Nevada.  Copper was discovered, and a mining settlement was established there in 1868, but the gold and silver content was disappointing.  RICHARD A. RIEPE (#460) immigrated to America in 1867, and settled in the area, where, in addition to mining, he became active in county politics.  He soon developed the community, providing homes for foreign-born mining families.  Eventually, the area became known as Riepetown.

Riepetown was located 5 miles northwest of Ely, on SR 44, 3 miles southwest of its junction with US 50.  Originally, Riepetown was a mining town with two grocery stores, a barber shop and numerous saloons, opium halls, gambling halls, and brothels.  By 1909, Riepetown had developed a reputation for being "loose and sinful" and had gained the distinction of being the wettest town in the county.  Liquor flowed freely, and gambling, prostitution, knifings, robberies, and fist fights were common  occurrences.  Despite the ban on liquor manufacturing and consumption in the 1920's, Riepetown was known for its stills and was considered to have the best bootleg in the area.

Riepetown is now a ghost town.  By the mid 1990s, only a few building foundations remained on private property.  These were razed by 1995, and The MAGMA/BHP copper mill now stands on the site of Riepetown.


1916 postcard of Ely, White Pine Co., NV, Corner of Aultman and Murray Streets - R.A. Riepe Bldg. on right


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