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Riepe Ridge Rd.

Riepe Ridge Rd.
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Metropolis, Massac Co., IL

Circa 1850's - 1860's, several Riepe immigrants settled in Massac Co., Illinois.  Since then, the area has been home to generations of Riepe families.  For years, many Riepes lived along a rural road, which, ultimately, the county officially named "Riepe Ridge Road".  

Jerry Ray Riepe (#1971) writes:

". . . My parents live on Riepe Ridge Road in Metropolis, Massac County, Il.  . . . This road is approximately two miles long and there are five different households of Riepes and former Riepes living on this road.  At one end of this road is the Mt. Pleasant Church of Christ.  The old original Church was torn down in the early 1960's and a new one built.

     A little history on the road name:  My family lived (and still do) down the road from my paternal grandparents' home.  Two of my dad's brothers, with their families, moved from town back to the country on the same road.  As a joke, one fellow who had a weekend cabin on the same road, made a sign in the shape of an arrow with the name Riepe Ridge painted on it, and placed the sign on a huge oak tree at the end of the road.  Years later, when the county decided to name all the roads, the name just stuck.  I do believe that most people who drove there from town didn't even know that the sign was placed there as a joke . . . "




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