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March 21,1965  - living

"Renee D. Riepe, D.V.M., is a board certified member of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, in the subspecialty of cardiology. Dr. Riepe went to undergraduate school at the University of Tennessee and received her degree in zoology. She then went to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. During her first year of veterinary school, she became very interested in heart disease and spent the rest of her training with special focus on veterinary cardiology. Dr. Riepe was awarded by Merck and the faculty at the University of Tennessee for "Outstanding Performance in Small Animal Medicine" at the end of her senior year in veterinary school. The University of Tennessee kept her on staff for another year as an intern. From Tennessee, she went to the University of Illinois for a three year residency in cardiology with Dr. David Sisson. The University of Illinois has one of the most aggressive cardiology resident training programs in the world. There were only three cardiology residencies available in the country whenever Dr. Riepe was selected to train at the University of Illinois. Dr. Riepe's research focused on feline heart disease. In 1995, Dr. Riepe spoke at the national meeting of The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine on feline heart disease. She has also been involved in research on cats with blood clots. Other interests include echocardiography, treatment of congestive heart failure and Doberman cardiomyopathy. At the University of Illinois, Dr. Riepe was recognized by the students for her excellent teaching skills. Dr. Riepe joined the staff at Oakland Veterinary Referral Service in September of 1996."

Contributed by Janet Doris Thompson Riepe (#176), mother of Renee

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