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William Joseph Riepe (#1933)

July 9, 1938 - April 28, 1988



The following was written April 15, 1993 by Veronica Ann Riepe (#946) daughter of William Joseph Riepe
Contributed by Dolores Catherine [Klesener] Riepe (#668), mother of Veronica Ann Riepe and wife of William Joseph Riepe

A  Pleasant Memory

He stood six feet tall
with a belly as round as a beach ball.
His forehead shined identical to the dome of the capitol
with a few hairs combed over the top.
The average day was spent working 8 to 5.
Going from customer to customer
selling cash registers and calculators,
Being successful at most of his stops.
The real day began when he returned home.
The ball gloves, bat and ball came out,
as did the frisbee and basketball.
Now was the time to play.
Up the street to the church lot to play
500, "pickle", and 2 on 2 basketball.
We'd play until that famous yell,
Dinner always brought the famous questions,
How was school and what did you learn?
Time to catch up on what everyone did that day
and what was going on tomorrow.
Now was dad's time to read the paper.
We took our baths and off to bed.
Not before . . .
A kiss on dad's stubbly cheek.
Those pleasant memories are all that are left.
My dad has left this world
and is now watching from a different perspective.
I will never forget you or the memories, Dad!



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