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Chester Fred Riepe (#536)
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Chester Fred Riepe (#536)

October 12, 1909 - December 19, 1970

The following was written and contributed by Suzanne Riepe Olson (#258), daughter of Chester Fred Riepe

Chester Fred Riepe was born on Oct. 12, 1909, and died of rectal cancer on December 19, 1970 in Burlington, Iowa. He was born in Iowa and lived in Missouri when he was very young. His family moved back to the Burlington, Iowa area and lived with the Hungers in Burlington for a while. Mrs. Martha Hunger was his aunt. She was formerly Martha Riepe, daughter of Herman and Anna Riepe from Flint River Township near Sperry, Iowa. My father had an older sister Edna who never married. Their mother and father's names were William Riepe, son of Herman Riepe and Anna Wilhelmina ("Minnie") Luetger Riepe, daughter of William Friedrich Luetger and Johanna Luise Vahle. Johanna Vahle was from St. Louis, Missouri. My father started working at the age of 11 in Mr. Bryant's Pharmacy. At that time, there was no law against working at such a young age. His father lost his farm in Missouri, because of his mother's poor health. He told me that he went to school with holes in his clothes. When he was asked to bring pictures cut out of magazines to school, he could not because they did not have any magazines. Instead he drew pictures. He liked to draw and drew a picture of Paul Revere. When Chester finished high school, he borrowed money from Mr. Bryant to pay for his college tuition. He went to Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa in the 1930s. The pharmacy college was above a shoe factory then. He received his Pharmacy Degree in the 1930s. He graduated with honor, and was a member of the honorary fraternity at Drake. I, Suzanne have his fraternity pin. I also have his gold key with an inscription on it. It sounds that Chester F. Riepe obtained the highest grade point average in the class from 1931-1933. When he graduated from Drake University, he bought from Mr. Bryant his pharmacy business. He changed the name to Riepe Pharmacy and ran the business for 40 years. Everyone loved and respected Mr. Riepe. If one of his customers did not have the money to pay him for their business, Mr. Riepe gave it to them free. He never sent them any bills either. Mr. Riepe always taught me to be humble. He was a kind and humble man himself. When I lost my father to cancer in 1970, I lost not only my father, but my best friend. We were very close. I hope people see him on your web site and remember him.

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