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The following are Riepe individuals who apparently traveled together to America, and whose relationships to each other are unclear.  I consider them "Unidentified", since I have been unable to find any trace of them in census, marriage records, etc.  Be aware that some may be duplicates of identified Riepes, in which case they are duplicates of individuals already in the database.  Please let me know if you have any information which may help to identify them.





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July 1, 1834 Baltimore, MD Brig Palmer


Wilhelmine and Caroline immigrated to America together as adults. Both stated their place of origin was Stolzenau.  No ages were listed on the passenger list.  No additional information is currently available.

RIEPE, H. (#4182) - male, age 36 years
RIEPE, ADELL. (#4183)
- female, age 38 years

April-June 1839 Baltimore, MD ?   ?

H. and Adell. immigrated to America in the 2nd quarter (April-June) of 1839.  H. stated his occupation as "farmer".  His first name was probably "Herman" or "Heinrich".  Adell.'s was possibly "Adelheid".  Though not stated on the passenger list, it is likely that H. and Adell. were husband and wife.  No additional information is currently available.

RIEPE, H. (#1138)

1850 New York, NY ?   ?

H. is listed as the primary immigrant; it is assumed this individual was the male head of the family. Additional information given is "family of 4". It is assumed this consisted of a husband ("H."), wife, and 2 children, but this is just speculation.  No additional information is currently available.

RIEPE, ANNA (#4177) - age 49 years
- age 25 years
- age 20 years
- age 19 years
- age 9 years

October 19, 1853 New York, NY Ship Matilda

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These 5 Riepes immigrated together.  All stated their place of origin was Poedinghausen, Prussia, and that they were relatives, but their exact relationships to each other are unknown.  No additional information is currently available.

RIEPE, HEINRICH (#954) - age 30 years
RIEPE, ANNA (#955) - age 10 years

December 27, 1853 New York, NY Ship Helene ?

Heinrich and Anna traveled to America on the same voyage.  They are listed on different pages of the manifest, so it is not clear if they traveled together.  Heinrich stated his occupation as farmer.  Possibly, father & daughter.  No additional information is currently available.

RIEPE, C. F. (#4202) - male, age 28 years
RIEPE, C. (#4203)
- female, age 28 years
RIEPE, M. (#4207)
- female, age 1 year (died on voyage; May 13, 1854)

June 1, 1854 New Orleans, LA Ship Johann Smidt


These Riepes immigrated together, along with CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH RIEPE (#3067) and his wife and 4 children.  Though not confirmed, I suspect this could be FRIEDRICH WILHELM RIEPE (#3264), his wife, CHARLOTTE SOPHIA [KRAEMER] RIEPE (#3265), and their child.  Per her obituary, Sophie and her family immigrated in 1854.  She and her husband apparently had 2 young children, one of which died on the voyage. Her husband and 2nd child died soon after arriving in America . . . where the 2nd child was on the ship's list is not known - perhaps Sophie was pregnant with the 2nd child on the voyage and lost this child after giving birth in America??  Sophie settled in Havana, Mason Co., IL, where she married BARNHARD WIEMER in 1855 and started a 2nd family.  I have always wondered who/what took her to Havana, Mason Co., as this is where CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH RIEPE's sons settled. Coincidence - or not - that they all traveled together??.  

RIEPE, ELISABETH (#4211) - female, age 40 years
RIEPE, SOPHIE (#4213) - female, age 22 years
RIEPE, BENHARD (#4214) - male, age 18 years
RIEPE, MARIE (#4215) - female, age 14 years
RIEPE, FRIEDRICH WILLIAM (#4216) - male, age 6 years
RIEPE, FRIEDRICH CHRISTIAN (#4217) - male, age 4 years
RIEPE, JOHN H. (#4218) - male, age 2 years
RIEPE, HANNE (#4219) - female, infant

November 13, 1854 New York, NY Bark Johanna Elise   ?

These Riepe traveled together and all stated their place of origin was Hesse Cassel, Prussia.  Possibly 2 families.

Note #1: Friedrich Christian is listed as age 4, but has his occupation listed as shoemaker.  I suspect he may have been an adult, and the "4" is only 1 digit of his age -  he may be 40-something and the husband of Elisabeth (?). 

Note #2: John H. is listed as age 2, but has his occupation listed as laborer.  Could he have been an adult, and the "2" is only 1 digit of his age -  he may be 20-something and the husband of Sophie (?).

RIEPE, CASPER H. (#1142) - age 27 years
RIEPE, MARIA [UNKNOWN] (#1143) - age 22 years

July 10, 1865 New York, NY Ship Marco Polo ?

Casper immigrated at age 27 years.  He stated he was from St. Franzwko (?). Mary, age 22 years, is listed as his wife, and from Germany.  No additional information is currently available.

RIEPE, CASPER (#4190) - age 56 years
RIEPE, ANNA (#4191) - age 58 years
- age 20 years
RIEPE, HANNA (#4193)
- age 18 years
- age 15 years

August 23, 1872 New York, NY S.S. Donau


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