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Unknown Riepe Farm, Belm, Osnabruck, Prussia
Harry Urias Riepe, Sr. (#866), Mt. Peru Farm, MD
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Home of Reuben Riepe (#888), IL






Stedefreund, Herford, Germany


I was contacted by Gerhard Brand (Gerhard Friedrich Heinrich Brand) of Germany.  Gerhard is descended from Peter Heinrich Riepe (#3355) and Anna Margaretha Ilsabein [Winter] Riepe (#3356) who lived in Stedefreund, Herford, Westphalia, Prussia in the 1700's.  Several of their descendants immigrated to America - JOHANN HEINRICH RIEPE (#3003), ANNE MARIE MARGRETHE ILSABEIN [RIEPE] ENGELING (#3361), ANNE CHRISTINE RIEPE (#760), and HANNE FRIEDERIKE WILHELMINE RIEPE (#308). Most settled in the Quincy, Adams Co., IL area.

Gerhard Brand is descended from Johann Philipp Riepe (#3015), a brother of JOHANN HEINRICH RIEPE (#3003) and ANNE MARIE MARGRETHE ILSABEIN [RIEPE] ENGELING (#3361), both of whom remained in Germany.  Gerhard now lives in the house JOHANN HEINRICH RIEPE (#3003) lived in in Stedefreund, before he immigrated to America!   

Gerhard writes:  

Dear Anne, 

We were very surprised to find your promising web site! We, family Brand, are living in Herford-Stedefreund exactly in the house of Johann Heinrich Riepe (#3003) in approximately the seventh direct generation. This tiny valley, we're living in, is still called 'Riepensiek'. It would be great to get further information. Or on the other hand, we would also be glad to help you in any way.

Hope to hear from you, 



In addition to sending me additional information on this line of Riepes, Gerhard has graciously sent the following photographs of the house!


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